Jun 3, 2015

The President’s Approval Rating is Underwater Again, and Here’s Why


According a new CNN/ORC poll published this morning, the President’s approval rating is underwater yet again. A stalled economy, a lackluster job market, and the President’s lack of a strategy to defeat ISIL are driving the President’s numbers back into negative territory.

  • 52% of Americans Disapprove of the President’s job performance
  • 53% of Americans Disapprove of the President’s handling of the economy
  • 63% of Americans Disapprove of the President’s handing of ISIS

House Republicans have taken a different path, and have focused on fostering economic growth and expanding opportunities in the job market. So we passed:

And we continue to call on the President to present a strategy to defeat ISIL. The President’s approaches to the economy and combatting terrorism haven’t been working. The House has a different vision and a new agenda, and it’s past time for the President to join our efforts.