February 19, 2011 (202) 225-7440
Congressman Cantor Applauds Passage of Continuing Resolution That Cuts Over $100 Billion

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Eric Cantor (VA-07) today issued the following statement upon passage of the Continuing Resolution:

“Today, the House passed the single largest spending cut in modern history, and our action serves as the historic turning point from a Congress that ignored the will of the people to a Congress that responds to the will of the people. This is the first of many steps by the House to trim spending, live within its means, and get people back to work. At a time when the federal government is borrowing 40 cents of every dollar that it spends and our debt is more than $14 trillion, we have taken an important first step toward fiscal restraint in Washington.

“Too many people remain out of work, which is why we are cutting through job impediments put in place by the government and taking proactive steps to grow the economy and create jobs. As a part of our cut and grow plan, Republicans are cutting spending so that we can begin to get our fiscal house in order and foster an environment that encourages businesses to grow and create jobs. To put it simply, less government spending equals more private sector jobs.

“The Continuing Resolution now heads to the Senate, where Leader Harry Reid has already called our efforts to rein in spending ‘draconian’ and ‘unworkable,’ despite his failure to offer any plan to stop the government from borrowing 40 cents out of every dollar that is spent. Thus far, the Obama-Reid plan to get our fiscal house in order and get people back to work is the status quo, and quite frankly, people deserve better. There is an opportunity for us to work together on common-sense policies to get our fiscal house in order and create an environment that encourages businesses to grow and create jobs, but first Leader Reid and Senator Schumer have to get serious about the challenges that we face.”





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