0, none, nada, zilch

Guess what Republicans are going to get done this year?


Take it away, CNBC:
“The White House has made it official: the all-Republican government in Washington has no major legislative agenda this year.”

“The news came without fanfare at the press secretary's daily briefing Wednesday. Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that all of President Donald Trump's talk of a massive, trillion-dollar upgrade to America's infrastructure, from ‘Infrastructure Week’ declarations to a 53-page plan unveiled three months ago, won't produce ‘a specific piece of legislation’ in 2018.”

“That conclusion managed to be extraordinary and unsurprising at the same time. Trump is just 16 months into his term, with fellow Republicans controlling both houses of Congress after an eight-year Democratic presidency. Yet the GOP's deep-seated anti-government stance leaves the modern party with fundamental reflexes of negation.”