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June 13, 2018
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Mariel Saez 202-225-3130
For months, Speaker Ryan has promised to address the DACA crisis created by President Trump and bring to the Floor legislative solutions to protect DREAMers. But for months, he has refused to let the House work its will on bipartisan proposals that have been put forward. Here’s a review of the promises Speaker Ryan made: 

First, he urged President Trump not to rescind protections for DREAMers.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI): “I don’t think he should [end DACA]. I believe that this is something Congress has to fix…” [Politico, 9/1/17]

One day after President Trump created the DACA crisis, Speaker Ryan promised that Congress would take action to protect DREAMers:
“It is my hope that the House and Senate, with the president’s leadership, will be able to find consensus on a permanent legislative solution that includes ensuring that those who have done nothing wrong can still contribute as a valued part of this great country.” [Statement, 9/5/17]

Two days later:
“Look, I think people should rest easy… the president also gave us the time and space we're going to need to find where that compromise is…What we don't want to have happen is another DACA problem in 10 years from now. We want to make sure that we fix this issue for these kids, for these young people, and to address the root cause of the problem.” [Washington Post, 9/6/17]

139 days later:
“We are for fixing this problem. As you know, we want to make sure that we fix it more comprehensively so we don't have another DACA problem in a few years…” [Fox News, 1/22/18]

“We need to move forward in good faith, yes on DACA and immigration…” [Floor Remarks, 1/22/18]

147 days later:
“We want to find a DACA solution, we will find a DACA solution…” [Press Conference Remarks, 1/30/18]

156 days later:
“My commitment to working together on an immigration measure that we can make law is a sincere commitment. Let me repeat. My commitment to working together on an immigration measure that we can make law is a sincere commitment. We will solve this DACA problem.” [Floor Remarks, 2/8/18]

“To anyone who doubts my intention to solve this problem and bring up a DACA and immigration reform bill, do not. We will bring a solution to the floor, one that the president will sign...we are committed to getting this done.” [Press Conference Remarks, 2/8/18]
157 days later:
“I’m confident we can bring a bipartisan solution to the floor that can get signed into law and solve this problem. We want a DACA solution. We want an immigration solution. I'm confident we can get there.” [ABC, 2/9/18]

162 days later:
“We clearly need to address this issue in March…” [Roll Call, 2/14/18]

247 days later:
“I would like to have an immigration vote before the Midterms.” [Reuters, 5/10/18]

275 days later:
“I feel good about the kind of conversations we’re having…We have a big swath of views within our conference on this issue. And I really do believe there’s a sweet spot here." [USA Today, 6/6/18]

276 days later:
“The next step is to start putting pen to paper so we can get legislation to the floor.” [New York Times, 6/7/18]

281 days later:
Speaker Ryan is promising votes on legislation that he knows will not become law: “House Republicans will vote next week on two bills…. They've been left to accept Speaker Paul Ryan's idea: One vote on a conservative proposal drafted by Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), and a second on a compromise package still being assembled by Ryan in consultation with moderates and conservative Republicans. Neither is expected to pass, according to Republicans in all camps.” [Politico, 6/12/18]

Democrats will continue to call for Republican leadership to bring four measures to the Floor under a Queen of the Hill Rule: the bipartisan DREAM Act, the bipartisan USA Act, the Goodlatte proposal, and any measure that the Speaker wants. There is no fairer process than that. The Speaker should allow the House to work its will.

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