Afternoon Round-up: "Brace For Immigration Failure" Edition

Immigration Reform
It’s another day in the paradise that is the GOP-led House. Republicans are preparing to vote on their second anti-immigrant bill tomorrow that they know won’t pass. It’s as if they aren’t even embarrassed by these headlines anymore… Maybe they’re used to the complete dysfunction by now. But if they ever decide at some point that they’d like to give governing a try, we’ll just leave this right here.

Politico: Republicans brace for immigration failure
“House GOP leaders — eager to move on from an immigration bill that has divided and distracted their members — are likely to hold a vote Wednesday on legislation that’s expected to fail by a wide margin.”

“Rank-and-file Republicans seemed confused about the status of the bill. Legislative text has not been released, and members weren’t able to say how they’d vote.”

“GOP leaders aren’t surprised that the latest negotiations on the bill are likely to fall short. In fact, leaders hoped to hold the vote last week ‘to get it over with,’ as one senior Republican source put it — well aware that the bill was probably dead.”

The Hill: Immigration overhaul on life support in the House
“House GOP leaders will push ahead with a vote Wednesday on their compromise immigration bill, making one last effort to pass the measure even as key lawmakers express pessimism they have any shot of success.”

“Lead negotiators took the weekend to make changes to the bill in an effort to secure 218 Republican votes. But even the revised measure is expected to fall short.”

Roll Call: House Heads Toward Wednesday Immigration Vote Without Agreement on Changes
“Ongoing negotiations over a House GOP immigration bill have yet to produce an agreement on changes that will secure enough votes to pass the legislation, but Republican leaders are preparing for a vote this week regardless.”

“‘Wednesday we could see Goodlatte 2 on the floor,’ House Majority Whip Steve Scalise said.”

“Scalise said it is ‘correct’ that the group of negotiators had not yet reached a consensus on changes to the compromise bill. Some of the negotiators themselves confirmed that too.”

USA TODAY: House to vote Wednesday on immigration bill as GOP leaders try to find consensus
“Ryan and other GOP leaders gave few details of the latest version of their bill, which is an attempt to find compromise between immigration hardliners and moderates in their party.”

Ryan could not say for sure if he has the votes among his GOP colleagues to pass the bill. Immigration reform has long proved to be an elusive goal for Congress, and it is even more difficult in an election year.”

AP: Paul Ryan sets House vote on GOP immigration bill for Wednesday
“House Speaker Paul Ryan scheduled a long-awaited showdown vote on a broad Republican immigration bill for Wednesday, but is showing little confidence that the package will survive.”

Underscoring the legislation's weak prospects in his GOP-run chamber, Ryan, R-Wis., declined to answer questions Tuesday about a separate, narrow measure Republicans are privately discussing.”

“Many conservatives are preparing to vote against the wider ranging bill…”