Americans to GOP: Support Protections for Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions

Health Care
Ahead of today’s vote on a resolution to affirm the House Counsel’s authorization to intervene in the GOP’s Texas v. United States lawsuit to defend the ACA, we wanted to be sure you saw highlights from a recent poll from Public Policy Polling:
  • 55% of Americans oppose the decision in the GOP’s Texas v. United States lawsuit to gut the ACA and its protections.
  • 69% of voters say it’s a major concern to them that the court case would eliminate protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, and asthma.
  • 48% say they would be less likely to support their Member of Congress if they vote against Congressional action to oppose the lawsuit.
We hope House Republicans will take that into consideration when they head to the Floor today. Many of them promised their constituents they would protect those with pre-existing conditions. We’ll see how many of them make good on their word.