Another double-digit rate hike…

Health Care
Almost 40%. That’s how much more an insurer in New York is proposing to raise premiums on consumers. And they’re laying the blame squarely at the GOP’s feet after they’ve worked to sabotage the law and raise health care costs for Americans. From the Washington Examiner:
New York Obamacare insurers want to raise prices for 2019 by an average 24 percent, with some plans seeking rate increases as high as nearly 40 percent.”
The most common reason the state's 14 insurers on Obamacare’s exchanges gave for the increases was the repeal of the individual mandate in the new tax law. That follows insurers in several other states that have cited the mandate repeal and other moves by the Trump administration for their proposed rate hikes.”
“‘Insurers have attributed approximately half of their requested rate increases to the risks they see resulting from its repeal,” New York’s Department of Financial Services said Friday. “Without the federal action, the average requested rate increase would be 12.1 percent.”
“…Other plans have proposed rate hikes of 31 percent and 38 percent.”
“New York’s Department of Finance said the individual mandate was a key component of Obamacare that ‘helped mitigate against dramatic price increases by ensuring healthier insurance pools.’”
Maryland and Virginia have announced double-digit rate hike proposals, with insurers citing the repeal of the individual mandate that everyone have insurance.”