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December 1, 2021
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Margaret Mulkerrin 202-225-3130
In November, House Democrats passed the Build Back Better Act, a bill that would strengthen the Affordable Care Act and expand health care coverage to millions of Americans currently without insurance, close the Medicaid Coverage Gap, bring down the cost of prescription drugs, and expand Medicare benefits. These policies will help improve millions of Americans’ health and economic well-being:

Strengthening the Affordable Care Act: The Build Back Better Act extends increased Affordable Care Act tax credits from the American Rescue Plan, reducing premiums for over 9 million Americans who purchase health insurance through the Affordable Care Act marketplace. These tax credits have “already lowered families’ monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs, and have helped total enrollment on marketplace plans reach a record high as of August 2021. Closing the Medicaid Coverage Gap: Currently, 12 states have not adopted ACA provisions that expand Medicaid coverage to a larger eligibility group to help ameliorate historic trends of high uninsured levels among low-income adults, leaving over 2.2 million Americans in a coverage gap and uninsured rates nearly double that of those in states that chose to expand Medicaid coverage.
  • Beginning in January 2022, Americans who have been without insurance because of where they live will be eligible to receive ACA-like coverage. All those who would be eligible for Medicaid in an expansion state would be eligible to enroll in this expanded coverage plan.
Reducing Prescription Drug Prices: Around 3 in 10 American adults report not taking their medicines as prescribed due to the cost over the past year, with prescription drug prices in America increasing at twice the inflation rate of the American economy in 2020.
  • The Build Back Better Act would allow Medicare to negotiate with drug companies to get a lower price on some high-cost prescription drugs, including drugs administered through Medicare Part D and Medicare Part B. This proposition is overwhelmingly popular with the American public, with 83% being in favor of the government negotiating prices for these high-cost prescription drugs. The legislation would also directly lower out-of-pocket costs for seniors through Medicare and lower insulin prices to ensure that Americans with diabetes do not pay more than $35 per month for insulin.
  • The bill also imposes a tax penalty on companies that increase drug prices faster than inflation, benefiting Americans with all types of insurance.
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