Can’t Miss Headline: GOP can’t escape ‘self-inflicted injuries’

Friendly reminder that while House Democrats prepare to pass historic legislation that will cut taxes for the middle class, create better lives for America’s children, expand affordable health care, combat the climate crisis, and ensure corporations pay their fair share in taxes, Republicans are fighting amongst themselves instead of coming to the table and working to govern.

It's a sharp contrast: Don’t just take our word for it – take it away, POLITICO: GOP can't escape 'self-inflicted injuries' ⬇️

“Ahead of a vote on Democrats’ biggest agenda item, the GOP conference is embroiled in messy internal spats that have spilled into public view, including the censure Wednesday of a far-right House member, the first such vote in more than a decade. At the same time, some rank-and-file Republicans are still pushing to punish their own colleagues for backing a bipartisan bill reviled by former President Donald Trump.”