CNN: The Majority of Americans are Against Trump On The Wall and the Shutdown

Ahead of the President’s address, here’s a reminder of who the American people are holding responsible for the shutdown, courtesy of CNN:
“President Donald Trump is taking his case to the American people over why they should back him in the partial government shutdown.”

“…Trump is facing an uphill climb: polls show a majority of Americans blame him and Republicans for the shutdowns, and the majority have also consistently been opposed to his idea of a border wall with Mexico.”

“When you combine all the numbers together, about 55% blame Republicans (either Trump or congressional Republicans) and about just 35% blame Democrats for the shutdown.”

“There is perhaps some sign, however, that Trump may be losing voters in the center of the electorate because of the shutdown. Before the shutdown began, Trump's position on the shutdown was somewhat more unpopular than Trump's overall approval rating.”

“Now, the President's approval rating seems to have taken a bit of a dip in the last few weeks as the shutdown has taken its course. According to the FiveThirtyEight aggregate of polls, Trump's approval rating stands at just 41%. That's the lowest it's been since September by a point. His disapproval rating, meanwhile, stands at 54%, which is the highest by a point it has been since September.”