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12:00 p.m.: Morning Hour
2:00 p.m.: Legislative Business
6:30 p.m.
“One Minutes” (15 per side)

**Following one-minute speeches, the House is expected to recess until approximately 3:00 p.m.  At that time, the House will reconvene to consider the eleven bills listed for consideration under suspension of the Rules.  Any recorded votes requested will be postponed until 6:30 p.m.

Suspensions (11 bills)
  1. H.R. 3261 – To repeal the Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution (Rep. Spanberger – Foreign Affairs)
  2. H.R. 3283 – To repeal the joint resolution entitled, “A joint resolution to promote peace and stability in the Middle East”, as amended (Rep. Meijer – Foreign Affairs)
  3. H.R. 567 – Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership Program Act of 2021, as amended (Rep. McCaul – Foreign Affairs)
  4. H.Res. 186 – Calling for the immediate release of Trevor Reed, a United States citizen who was unjustly found guilty and sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison (Rep. Pfluger – Foreign Affairs)
  5. H.R. 2471 – Haiti Development, Accountability, and Institutional Transparency Initiative Act, as amended (Rep. Jeffries – Foreign Affairs)
  6. H.R. 1500 – Global Learning Loss Assessment Act of 2021, as amended (Rep. Houlahan – Foreign Affairs)
  7. H.Res. 402 – Urging the Administration to facilitate assistance in response to the devasting impacts of COVID-19 in India, as amended (Rep. Sherman – Foreign Affairs)
  8. H.R. 391 – Global Health Security Act of 2021, as amended (Rep. Connolly – Foreign Affairs)
  9. H.R. 2225 – National Science Foundation for the Future Act, as amended (Rep. Johnson (TX) – Science, Space, and Technology)
  10. H.R. 3593 – Department of Energy Science for the Future Act, as amended (Rep. Johnson (TX) – Science, Space, and Technology)
  11. H.R. 3385 – The HOPE for Afghan SIVs Act, as amended (Rep. Crow – Judiciary)