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10:00 a.m.: Legislative Business

  11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.   3:00 – 4:00 p.m.

“One Minutes” (10 per side)


H.Res. 1190 - Providing for consideration of motions to suspend the Rules (Rep. Slaughter – Rules)


Suspensions (7 Bills)

1)      H.R. 3671 - Upper Mississippi River Basin Protection Act (Rep. Kind - Natural Resources)

2)      H.R. 4252 - Inland Empire Perchlorate Ground Water Plume Assessment Act of 2009 (Rep. Baca - Natural Resources)

3)      H.R. 4003 - Hudson River Valley Special Resource Study Act (Rep. Hinchey - Natural Resources)

4)      H.Res. 1173 - Recognizing the 100th anniversary of the Vermont Long Trail, the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the United States, and congratulating the Green Mountain Club for its century of dedication in developing and maintaining the trail (Rep. Welch - Natural Resources)

5)      H.R. 2788 - Distinguished Flying Cross National Memorial Act (Rep. Calvert - Natural Resources)

6)      H.R. 1769 - Alpine Lakes Wilderness Additions and Pratt and Middle Fork Snoqualmie Rivers Protection Act (Rep. Reichert - Natural Resources)

7)      H.R. 4395 - To revise the boundaries of the Gettysburg National Military Park to include the Gettysburg Train Station (Rep. Platts - Natural Resources)


Dispose of H.Res. __ - Raising a question of privileges of the House (Rep. Flake – Privileged Resolution)


Postponed Suspension Votes (3 Bills):

1)   H.R. 4214 - To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 45300 Portola Avenue in Palm Desert, California, as the "Roy Wilson Post Office" (Rep. Bono Mack - Oversight and Government Reform)

2)   H.R. 3542 - State Admission Day Recognition Act of 2009 (Rep. Lungren - House Administration)

3)   H.R. 3509 - Agricultural Credit Act of 2009 (Rep. Peterson - Agriculture)


* Conference Reports may be brought up at any time.

* Motions to go to Conference should they become available.      

* Possible Motions to Instruct Conferees.

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