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9:00 a.m.: Legislative Business

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H.R. 836, Emergency Mortgage Relief Termination Act (Rep. Hensarling – Financial Services) H.R. 836 would rescind all remaining funds made available for the Mortgage Relief Program, which was created in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. The bill would also completely eliminate the entire Mortgage Relief Program, which was created to give recently unemployed homeowners the ability to continue to pay their mortgage for up to 12 months. The bill allows for current participants to continue in the program, as long as they have received funds prior to enactment of the bill.  

H.R. 836 contains a provision that directs the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to conduct a study and based on that study, issue a report on the best practices that could be used to implement this program for veterans and their immediate families. The study does not include a plan to assist unemployed homeowners and contains no plan to create jobs. 
The Rule provides that only amendments printed in the Congressional Record will be allowed to be offered. There were 7 amendments submitted for H.R. 836. Upon completion of general debate, the House will begin reading the bill by section and debating amendments under the 5 minute rule.
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The Daily Quote

“Let me be clear that I strongly oppose some of the proposed cuts in the House-passed bill, particularly the drastic cuts that would disproportionally affect low-income families and seniors.  Making such deep and immediate cuts to critical low-income heating assistance, weatherization, and Head Start programs in the middle of the fiscal year would cause serious problems for those who rely on these programs.”

    -    Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), 3/9/11