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H.R. 514 - To extend expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 and Intelligence Reform of Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 relating to access to business records, individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers and roving wiretaps until December 8, 2011 (Rep. Sensenbrenner - Judiciary) (1 hour of debate) The Rule providing for consideration of H.R. 514 was adopted by the House on February 10. The closed Rule provided for 1 hour of debate, with no amendments allowed, and one motion to recommit, with instructions. This is the same legislation that failed under suspension of the Rules on February 8.

H.R. 514 would extend three provisions that are scheduled to expire on February 28, 2011 – 1. “Roving Wiretap” authority, which provides the ability for authorities to wiretap multiple electronic devices from a single suspected terrorist; 2. “Lone Wolf”, which allows for the government to pursue warrants to conduct surveillance on non-U.S. citizens, engaged in ‘international terrorist activities’ alone; 3. Provision granting the government access to business records relating to a terrorist investigation.
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“The legislative pace at the outset of the 112th Congress has paled in comparison to the flurry of House activity during the first month of the 111th. The House has held fewer than half the number of votes during the first month of this Congress that it did in 2009.”

   -     The Hill, 2/7/11