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6:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

H.Res. 43 – Rule providing for consideration of H.Res. 38 - To reduce spending through a transition to non-security spending at Fiscal Year 2008 levels (Rep. Dreier - Rules) (1 hour of debate). The Rules Committee has recommended a closed rule that would provide for 1 hour of debate on the resolution and 1 motion to recommit with instructions, but allows no amendments to the legislation. Adoption of the Rule would also self-execute an amendment to the underlying resolution, offered by Mr. Scott (SC), which changes the title and the text of the resolution to “A resolution reducing non-security spending to fiscal year 2008 levels or less”. This vague title ignores GOP promises for greater transparency by hiding the amount of the spending reduction. The Rules committee voted down a motion offered by Mr. McGovern, which would have added a new section to the resolution requiring a vote by the full House before any allocation inserted into the Congressional Record by the Chairman of the Budget Committee becomes effective.

This ‘budget-less’ resolution has no number, or specified allocation. Members are urged to vote no on the Rule.

The Daily Quote
“You can't fix the deficit or the national debt by killing NPR or National Endowment for the Humanities or the Arts. Nice political chatter, but that doesn't do it. And I'm very put off when people just say let's go back and freeze to the level two years ago.  Don't tell me you're going to freeze to a level. That usually is a very inefficient way of doing it. Tell me what you're going to cut, and nobody up there yet is being very, very candid about what they are going to cut to fix this problem.”
  -   Gen. Colin Powell (Ret.), CNN’s State of the Union, 1/23/11