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H.Res. 167 - Rule providing for consideration of H.J.Res 48 – Further Continuing Appropriations Amendments Act for fiscal year 2011 (Rep. Rogers (KY) – Appropriations)(One Hour of Debate) The Rules Committee has recommended a closed Rule, allowing for no amendments to the legislation. The Rule provides for one hour of debate, equally divided between the Chair and Ranking Member of the Appropriations committee. H.Res. 167 allows one motion to recommit, with instructions. The Rules committee voted down an amendment offered by Mr. McGovern, which would have provided for H.J.Res. 48 to be considered under an open rule.

H.J.Res. 48 – Making Further Continuing Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2011 (Rep. Rogers (KY) – Appropriations) H.J.Res. 48 is a short-term continuing resolution that would provide funding for the Government, government agencies and programs for three weeks, through April 8th, 2011. The current continuing resolution expires on March 18th.
H.J.Res. 48 would continue all funding at the same level as the previous continuing resolution for a three-week period, except specified cuts totaling $6.008 billion.  These cuts include: $2.6 billion in reductions to earmark accounts that maintained funding under the previous Continuing Resolution and $3.5 billion in reductions to 25 programs, some of which were included in President Obama’s FY12 budget request, and some others which were included in the Senate amendment to H.R. 1. A full list of reductions can be found in the ‘background’ section below. 

H.J.Res. 48 does not include, however, any way to create certainty in the economy, any path towards compromise on a full year continuing resolution, or a plan to create jobs.

Bill Text for H.J.Res. 48:
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Background for H.J.Res. 48:
CRS Report
- Continuing Resolutions: Latest Action and Brief Overview of Recent Practices
CRS Report
– Interim Continuing Resolutions: Potential Impact on Agency Operations
List of cuts
– Majority Appropriations press release, including a list of cuts in H.J.Res. 48

The Daily Quote

“Some Republicans are growing impatient with Congress’s continued funding of the federal government through short-term budget measures, a discontent that will be on display this week as the latest stopgap funding measure — the sixth this fiscal year — makes its way through the House and Senate….While members of Congress continue to emphasize that a government shutdown is the last thing they want, expect a few more to join in opposing this week’s stopgap measure amid greater calls for a longer-term funding deal.”

    -   The Washington Post, 3/14/11