For Immediate Release: 
May 6, 2022
Dear Colleague:
As we return for a busy May legislative work period after a break to allow for the observance of Eid al-Fitr, I want to express the anger and deep concern that so many of us are experiencing following the news that the Supreme Court may be preparing to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey in a matter of weeks.  Already, women’s reproductive choice and access to health care has been under assault in Republican-controlled states across the country.  Now, we risk our country being brought back to a time when those without means were unable to access safe abortions, even in instances of rape or incest.  Our Majority will not sit by and allow that to happen, and while we have already passed the Women’s Health Protection Act to codify Roe, we will continue to monitor developments closely and stand ready to respond to any attack on women’s reproductive freedom. 
In addition to defending a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, we will continue to focus on protecting against threats at home and abroad.  The COVID-19 pandemic continues to endanger lives and our economic recovery, which is why President Biden has called on Congress to act on an emergency supplemental appropriations bill to keep providing pandemic relief where it is needed and make tests, vaccines for children and adults, and lifesaving therapeutics available when needed.  At the same time, we must continue to stand up for democracy by helping Ukrainians repel the illegal and criminal invasion launched by Vladimir Putin.  The House will stand ready to take action on both of these fronts over the coming work period whenever legislation is ready for the Floor. 
The House continues to focus on the challenge of inflation and on continuing the momentum of our strong economic recovery, which is why we passed the America COMPETES Act earlier this year and continue to work toward a final agreement with the Senate on bipartisan innovation legislation.  This week, the Senate took a major step toward that goal by appointing conferees.  I hope we can bring that process to a successful conclusion soon and send President Biden a version he can sign into law.  We also remain focused on protecting consumers against irresponsible actors in the oil and gas industries who would inflate prices for extra profit, and I look forward to bringing legislation to the Floor to address this issue during the May work period.  The House will also pass S. 2201, the Supply Chain Security Training Act, under suspension and send it to President Biden’s desk.  I want to thank Rep. Joe Neguse for his work on that legislation to train federal regulators to identify vulnerabilities in our supply chains. 
During the May work period, the House will take up on three important pieces of legislation relating to workers’ rights and workforce development.  The first week, we will take up Rep. Salud Carbajal’s bipartisan H.R. 2499, the Federal Firefighters Fairness Act and Chairman Bennie Thompson’s bipartisan H.R. 903, the Rights for the TSA Workforce Act. During the week of May 15, the House will vote on Chairman Bobby Scott’s H.R. 7309 to reauthorize the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Reauthorizing the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act will be an important step as we continue taking action to help our workers and their families get ahead and to build a better and stronger America.  All three of these measures would add to the already strong, pro-worker and pro-growth record of our House Majority. 
In addition, next week, the House will also consider Rep. Suzanne Bonamici’s H.R. 5129, the Community Services Block Grant Modernization Act.  This bipartisan reauthorization of these critical grants will help state and local governments provide essential services and opportunities to Americans during our recovery from the pandemic.  I want to thank Rep. Bonamici and all the Members who have worked hard on this reauthorization bill, which is critical to ensuring the strength and success of our communities. 
In addition, to ensure that we can recruit and retain the best and brightest Americans to serve as Congressional staff, I will bring a resolution to the Floor this work period, pursuant to Speaker Pelosi’s Dear Colleague of May 6, 2022, to adopt regulations issued by the Office of Congressional Workplace Rights to allow our staff to unionize.  I look forward to seeing us pass that resolution to make sure that there is a positive and fair environment for all of our employees who help us deliver opportunities for the American people.

Before we return to our districts to observe Memorial Day, the House will also pass a number of bills to honor those who served our nation in uniform and to maintain our commitment to care for America’s veterans.  This is a sacred obligation, and I know that all of our Members are eager to demonstrate this commitment with further action.  May the memory of our fallen heroes continue to inspire us as we work to preserve and strengthen America’s democracy.
Thank you for all your hard work this past week meeting with constituents in your districts and making sure they know both what our Majority is doing For the People as well as how they can get help from Congress when they need it.  I will continue to provide Members with sufficient advance notice of any changes to the schedule and look forward to seeing you back in the Capitol on Tuesday.  Together we will continue to fight for justice, equality, and opportunity for all Americans and defend women’s right to access health care services and make their own reproductive choices.

House Majority Leader