Leader's Report ● State of the Union
For Immediate Release: 
February 8, 2019
Message from the MAJORITY LEADER

This week, I was deeply disappointed by President Trump’s second State of the Union address. It was not the message of unity the White House promised, but instead sounded more like a political campaign rally to appeal to his base than an address to the American people. President Trump’s speech was riddled with falsehoods and lacked solutions to help middle-class families get ahead.

Despite President Trump’s divisive rhetoric, House Democrats are upholding our promises to the American people by taking action on our For The People agenda with committee hearings on H.R. 1, our comprehensive government reform legislation; and committee hearings on issues including protecting those with pre-existing conditions and lowering the cost of prescription drugs, raising the minimum wage, preventing gun violence, and the impact of climate change. I am encouraged by the work the House committees have undertaken.

In addition, I am encouraged by positive reports from both Congressional Republicans and Democrats on the Homeland Security Conference Committee about ongoing conversations about how to best secure our border and fund the government before the February 15 deadline. Democrats have put forward a list of smart, effective border security investments and I hope Republicans will work with us in good faith to negotiate a bill that both parties can support. Following a thirty-five day government shutdown that cost the nation’s economy at least $11 billion, I will continue to urge President Trump to support a compromise between Congressional Republicans and Democrats and prevent another Trump-McConnell shutdown.

Finally, I close the week by honoring the life and legacy of my dear friend John D. Dingell Jr.  He was a giant of the House of Representatives who improved the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans.  I join in offering my condolences to his beloved wife Rep. Debbie Dingell, the entire Dingell family, and the Michigan communities that John so dutifully served throughout his tenure in Congress.

Sincerely yours,

Steny H. Hoyer
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