Do you have health insurance through your employer?

Health Care
If the answer is yes, the Trump Administration is sabotaging your health coverage, too. The Wall Street Journal walks through how the Trump Administration’s refusal to defend the Affordable Care Act in court means you could be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, face long waiting periods for coverage, or your costs could go up. Key excerpts:
“Tens of millions of people who get health insurance through their job could face waiting periods for coverage or find that specific medical conditions aren’t immediately covered if the courts back a request by the Trump administration to toss key provisions of the Affordable Care Act.”

“Most of the attention surrounding a recent Justice Department request to strike down parts of the ACA has focused on the individual market, where people buy their own coverage. But the request would also rewind some protections for the vast majority of Americans—some 175 million people—who get health coverage via small and large employers, analysts said.”

“‘Anyone who just thinks this is just impacting the 12 to 15 million individuals with individual coverage is wrong,’ said Timothy Jost, an emeritus law professor at Washington and Lee University.”

“If the courts toss some ACA provisions linked to the insurance-coverage mandate, elements of the requirements that also apply to employer plans would likely be halted or reversed as well, analysts said. In these cases, the provisions would likely revert to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, they said.”

“That means employers would again be able to impose lengthy waiting periods for health coverage on new hires. Currently they are unable to lock workers out of health insurance for longer than 90 days when they take a new job.”

Employers could also opt not to cover a new hire’s specific health problem, like cancer, for up to a year even if they provide them insurance. That limit would apply if a new hire hadn’t previously had coverage or had let it lapse.”