Don't miss this new polling on the Build Back Better Act

Wanted to be sure you’ve seen the latest poll from Navigator Research, which shows that large majorities of Americans support the House-passed Build Back Better Act championed by President Biden and Congressional Democrats that would expand child care and early child education opportunities, bring down costs for middle-class families, strengthen access to affordable health care, and address the climate crisis.

The poll finds that more than three in five Americans support the Build Back Better Act, which enjoys +30 net support among those surveyed, including 46% of Independents – which increases to 60% if paid family leave is included, as it is in the House-passed version.

The poll also notes that 63% of Americans support President Biden’s plan to ensure that corporations and wealthiest Americans are paying their fair share of taxes, including 59% of Independents in favor of the legislation when informed of how it will be paid for.

Take a look for yourself: