Economic Policy Institute: The Build Back Better Agenda boosts growth and economic security

Wanted to be sure you had seen the latest Economic Policy Institute analysis showing that the Build Back Better Agenda will provide crucial economic opportunity and job growth for millions of Americans as the economy continues to recover from COVID-19 and returns to normal patterns. These findings fall squarely in line with a report from Moody's Analytics that found the Build Back Better Agenda will “add 1.5 million jobs per year on average across the whole decade and increase labor force participation.”

Some takeaways from EPI’s analysis here:
  • U.S. economy is not overheating due to “too much” fiscal relief and recovery provided earlier this year
  • Inflationary pressures in America are already leveling off and will not “overheat”
  • The Build Back Better Agenda will ease bottle necks and improve the resiliency of our supply chains

From the report: “[Passing the Build Back Better Agenda] would provide a host of benefits besides simple macroeconomic stabilization, boosting long-run growth and economic security through public investment and deeper social insurance. But they also provide a macroeconomic insurance policy against aggregate demand growing too slowly in coming years, and this insurance policy looks more important to secure with each passing day.”