Editorial: Trump Is Losing the Shutdown Argument

Today’s Bloomberg editorial hits the nail on the head: after his address last night, President Trump still hasn’t given the American people a good reason to keep government shutdown while both parties discuss the best way to secure our border. As more and more Americans feel the impact of the Trump shutdown, public pressure on Republicans will only continue to grow to join Democrats in reopening government.

Key excerpts:
It was telling that Trump’s address made no real effort to justify the shutdown as a legitimate or effective tactic. The president refused to accept even partial responsibility for this state of affairs. He dwelt on the costs of illegal immigration, as he sees them, and said his wall is necessary to improve border security, but he didn’t try to argue that this was a good reason to disable the government. It’s easy to see why: There’s no such case to be made.”

“In contrast, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Charles Schumer concentrated on the most pressing issue — the pointlessness of the shutdown. They emphasized their proposal to keep the government running while the debate over the border continues — an approach that some Republicans also seem to favor. Wisely, Pelosi and Schumer didn’t diminish the importance of adequate border security, but argued, correctly, that Trump’s wall wouldn’t help. In short, they made a much better case.”

The longer the shutdown drags on, the more impressed voters will be with politicians who seem most interested in ending it. Last night, that was the Democrats.”