Floor Update: Nov 19, 2020 - 1:09 pm
The House is now taking the following votes, beginning with Group 1 (Rep. Abraham to Rep. Cohen):
  1. Motion on Ordering the Previous Question on the Rule (H.Res. 1224) – VOTE YES – Minimum of 5 minutes

    Following this vote, the House will take the following vote, by groups:
  2. H.Res. 1224 – Rule Providing for Consideration of H.R. 8294 – National Apprenticeship Act of 2020 (Rep. Davis (CA) – Education and Labor) – VOTE YES – Minimum of 5 minutes 
These are the last votes for the day
**For the health of all Members and staff and to limit the number of people on the House Floor, Members are asked to come to the Floor only during their voting group's window and are encouraged to exit the House Floor and the surrounding areas immediately after voting. 

As occupancy on the House Floor will be limited to facilitate social distancing, Members are advised that the House Gallery will be open and available to use during the vote series
**Members are advised that after the vote series, the House will observe a Moment of Silence to honor the 250,000 Americans who have lost their lives during the COVID-19 Crisis.   For the health of all Members and staff and to limit the number of people on the House Floor, Members are encouraged to observe the Moment of Silence from their offices, as practicable.

Following the Moment of Silence, the House will begin consideration of H.R. 8294.  Any recorded votes requested will be postponed until tomorrow.

If you have any questions please contact: Shuwanza Goff, Ray Salazar, or Deborah Rowe at 5-3130.