Floor Update: Jun 8, 2022 - 1:25 pm

At approximately 1:25 – 1:30 p.m., the House will take the following votes:
  1. Motion on Ordering the Previous Question (H.Res. 1153) VOTE YES15 minutes
  2. H.Res. 1153 Rule providing for consideration of H.R. 7910 – Protecting Our Kids Act and H.R. 2377 – Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2022, and adoption of H.Res. 1151 – Providing for budget allocations, and for other purposes and H.Res. 1152 – Condemning the atrocity that occurred in Buffalo, New York, on May 14, 2022, in which 10 Americans were killed and 3 were injured, and in which 11 of the 13 victims were Black Americans, condemning the Great Replacement Theory as a White supremacist conspiracy theory, and reaffirming the House of Representatives commitment to combating White supremacy, hatred, and racial injustice – VOTE YES5 minutes
Following these votes, the House will begin two hours of debate on H.R. 7910 – Protecting Our Kids Act.

After debate on H.R. 7910, the House will take votes.  These are the last votes of the day.

Next/Last votes predicted: at approximately 4:30 – 5:00 p.m., on retaining the seven titles, motion to recommit, and passage of H.R. 7910, and postponed suspensions.

**Members are advised that Speaker Pelosi has requested their presence on the Floor throughout debate on H.R. 7910.
If you have any questions please contact: Courtney Fry, Ray Salazar, or Deborah Rowe at 5-3130.