Floor Update: Jun 22, 2022 - 4:50 pm

The House is now taking the following votes on H.R. 7666 – Restoring Hope for Mental Health and Well-Being Act of 2022:
  1. Bipartisan En Bloc #1 Offered by Mr. Pallone (Bera/Fitzpatrick Amendment, Feenstra Amendment, Joyce (OH) Amendment, Katko/Napolitano Amendment, Napolitano/Katko Amendment, Moore (WI) Amendment, Pressley Amendment, Reschenthaler/Morelle Amendment) – 15 minutes
  2. Bipartisan En Bloc #2 Offered by Mr. Pallone (Davis, Rodney/O'Halleran Amendment, Dean/Spartz Amendment, Gottheimer Amendment, Kim (NJ) Amendment, Trone/Armstrong Amendment, McKinley/Dingell Amendment) – 5 minutes
  3. Demings Amendment  Requires a report on the available mental health and stress-related responses and resources or programs that are available to law enforcement officers at the federal, state, and local level. The report shall include the extent to which resources are used, their availability, and recommendations for agencies to improve the mental health of their law enforcement officers – 5 minutes 
  4. McMorris Rodgers/Ferguson/Pappas Amendment – Requires HHS to develop best practices for establishing behavioral intervention teams in educational settings – 5 minutes 
  5. Griffith Amendment  Delays the date of applicability for Sec. 262, which eliminates the X-waiver, to January 1, 2024 – 5 minutes
  6. Final Passage of H.R. 7666 – Restoring Hope for Mental Health and Well-Being Act of 2022 (Rep. Pallone – Energy and Commerce) VOTE YES – 5 minutes

    After these votes, the House will take the following votes on H.R. 5585 – Advanced Research Projects Agency–Health Act:
  7. Eshoo/Guthrie Amendment – Clarifies organizational structure of offices within ARPA-H, limits the amount of administrative funding that may be used to operate ARPA-H to 15%, removes the requirement of Senate confirmation of Director, and clarifies ARPA-H's leasing authority – 5 minutes
  8. Final Passage of H.R. 5585 – Advanced Research Projects Agency–Health Act (Rep. Eshoo – Energy and Commerce) – VOTE YES – 5 minutes

    Following these votes, the House will take the following vote on a bill considered under suspension of the Rules:
  9. H.R. 6538 – Active Shooter Alert Act of 2022, as amended (Rep. Cicilline – Judiciary) – 5 minutes
These are the last votes for the day

If you have any questions please contact: Courtney Fry, Ray Salazar, or Deborah Rowe at 5-3130.