Gallup: 74 % of Republicans Agree Deficit Plan Should Include Revenues & Spending Cuts

Fiscal Responsibility

Just who are Republican leaders taking their marching orders from on the debt limit negotiations? It certainly isn’t the American people.

According to a new Gallup Poll, 74 percent of Republicans agree that a responsible deficit reduction plan should include both tax increases and spending cuts, while 77 percent of independents believe the plan should include a mix of revenues and spending cuts.

Sound familiar? It is what Democrats have been arguing all along.

Despite the GOP’s refusal to take yes for an answer, Democrats are still pushing for a big compromise that will reduce the deficit in a balanced way. And the American people agree with us. We certainly know that business leaders agree with us.

If Republicans are as serious about deficit reduction as they claim to be, they’ll stop protecting tax breaks for the wealthiest, listen to the American people and join with us to take action so we keep paying our bills and bring down the deficit.