Gas prices, the tax law, and rural America

GOP Tax Law
We know President Trump doesn’t think through the consequences of his policies, and here’s the latest example – his actions that are driving up gas prices are wiping out whatever tax benefits Americans are seeing. And the impact is even worse in rural communities, where working Americans are more likely to have fewer public transit options and have to travel farther distances. Take a look:

Washington Post: An increase in gas prices easily outpaces the benefits of the tax bill for lower-income Americans
“Let’s say your car holds 12 gallons of gas. If you have filled up your gas tank nine times in the past week (for some reason), you have spent an average of about $61 dollars more on gas this week than you would have the day President Trump was inaugurated. If you are in the bottom 20 percent of Americans in income, we have some bad news for you: There goes your tax cut.”

“The increase under Trump has been more significant over the past few weeks.”

“But as Trump noted on the campaign trail, gas prices are a significant factor for the economic well-being of many American households. (Trump blamed Obama for gas price increases, predictably, a move that, predictably, will probably come back to haunt him.)”