GOP Quotes of the Day

As you all prepare to cover the White House meeting today, we just wanted to make sure you saw that in addition to the House Republicans who voted with Democrats to reopen the government last night, Senate Republicans want Mitch McConnell to bring those bills to the Floor and end the Trump shutdown:
Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO): “I think we should pass a continuing resolution to get the government back open. The Senate has done it last Congress, we should do it again today….We can pass legislation that has the appropriations number in it while we continue to get more but we should continue to do our jobs and get the government open.” [The Hill, 1/3/19]

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME): “[She] said Thursday that she would support separating homeland security funding from the other bipartisan appropriations bills already approved in committee to reopen much of the government — as Democrats have proposed… ‘It would be great to have them signed into law because there is not great controversy over them, and at least we’d be getting those workers back to work.” [NY Times, 1/4/19]