GOP Trying Desperately To Shift Blame

Fiscal Responsibility

Democrats are ready and willing to work with Republicans on a balanced agreement to ensure we pay our nation’s bills and reduce the deficit. But instead of coming to the table to address an issue they say is a top priority and is critical to economic growth, Republicans are walking away and risking our economy security while protecting tax breaks for the wealthy. Today on NPR Morning Edition, Norm Ornstein summed up the Republican strategy well:

“The President stepped in with something that took Republicans aback by pushing for a much more ambitious plan and giving them a lot of things that they asked for but demanding something that they didn’t want to give up. And they now look like the recalcitrants. So, Republicans in both houses are trying desperately to find a way to shift the blame.”

Instead of shifting blame to Democrats, it’s time for Republicans to share responsibility in addressing the debt they helped create and ensure we pay our nation’s bills.