Have you seen this new poll?

As the American Rescue Plan moves through the Senate, we wanted to make sure you had seen the latest polling from Morning Consult showing that this legislative package remains extremely popular with the American people including Democrats, Republicans, and independents. This Morning Consult Poll is in good company too – joining previous Morning Consult tracking polls, CBS News, Navigator Research, and Quinnipiac polls – all which found the American Rescue Plan continues to enjoy support from the broad majority of the American people.  
Take a look:
  • 77% of Americans support the American Rescue Plan
  • 59% of Republicans support the American Rescue Plan

The poll also tested whether support remained strong when it was identified as a Democratic bill – and sure enough, people still back this bill by wide margins:
  • 71% of Americans still supported the American Rescue Plan,
  • 53% of Republicans still supported the American Rescue Plan.