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July 20, 2021
Across the country, millions of American families are seeing much-needed tax relief through the expanded Child Tax Credit. House Democrats worked hard to secure this assistance in the American Rescue Plan, which was signed into law in March. These monthly, automatic payments will help families pay for child care and other daily expenses and build better lives for our nation’s children. Distribution of the first monthly payments of the expanded Child Tax Credit began last week. Here’s a look at how this vital relief will help American families and lift millions of children out of poverty:

The Washington Post: IRS begins sending monthly checks to millions of American parents in crucial test for Biden
“The Biden administration on Thursday began the biggest anti-poverty program undertaken by the federal government in more than half a century, delivering monthly payments to the overwhelming majority of American parents for the first timeThe Treasury Department said it has sent checks to households representing about 60 million children under a provision in a stimulus package Democrats passed in MarchIt could lift millions of American children out of poverty — which could translate into major improvements in child nutrition, educational outcomes and mental health for an enormous number of people.” [7/15/21]

The New York Times: As the first child tax credit payments go out, Biden hails it as a step toward ending child poverty.
The payments, which will be disbursed through the Treasury Department, will provide all but the most affluent families up to $300 a month per child as part of the largest federal anti-poverty effort in decades. The size of the credit depends on a family’s income, the number of children and their ages… Among the country’s 74 million children, nearly nine in 10 will qualify for the payments.” [7/15/21]

The Associated Press: Child tax credit starts hitting US families' bank accounts
“Democrats see this as a landmark program along the same lines as Social Security, saying it will lead to better outcomes in adulthood that will help economic growth Some 15 million households will now receive the full credit. The monthly payments amount to $300 for each child who is 5 and younger and $250 for those between 5 and 17…The tax credit is as much about keeping people in the middle class as it is about lifting up the poor.” [7/16/21]

The Wall Street Journal: Child Tax Credit Payments Totaling $15 Billion Arrive for Millions of Americans
“Tens of millions of U.S. households can expect to see their bank balances grow Thursday, thanks to the first monthly payments of the expanded child tax credit The Internal Revenue Service issued families payments of up to $300 per child under a program aimed at combating child poverty and turning lump-sum annual tax refunds into predictable household income.” [7/15/21]

CNBC: Monthly child tax credit payments are one of the best forms of government spending, economist says
More than 35 million families received the first of six monthly child tax credit payments on Thursday, according to the U.S. Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service. The first round of payments will reach nearly 60 million children and total about $15 billion, according to the agency. The average payment this round is $423…Parents and caretakers of nearly 90% of children in the U.S. will receive the stimulus payments, which were included in the $1.9 trillion Covid relief package signed into law by President Joe Biden in March. The program is a historic bid to reduce the nation’s child poverty by 50% and represents one of the largest anti-poverty measures in the U.S. since the launch of former President Lyndon B. Johnson’s war on poverty in 1964.” [7/15/21]

NBC News: Child tax credit payments started hitting bank accounts today. Here's what you need to know.
Most eligible families in the U.S. will get their first monthly payments of the expanded child tax credit Thursday…The payments, which were included in the American Rescue Plan, change an existing tax credit by expanding the eligibility pool and increasing the money families get. Under the expanded credit, the IRS, also for the first time, is offering the option to receive the payments monthly, rather than in a lump sum as a tax refund. The expanded payments are expected to significantly decrease the number of children living in poverty; the White House estimates that child poverty could be reduced by as much as 50 percent.” [7/15/21]

NPR: The First Monthly Payments Under The Expanded Child Tax Credit Are Arriving
“Columbia University's Center on Poverty and Social Policy estimated that the expanded child tax credit and other measures in the American Rescue Plan could lift 5 million children out of poverty, cutting child poverty in half in the U.S. That's not only because the amount of the credit is higher this year; it's also because in the past, families who earned very little were not eligible for the full amount….The Treasury Department estimates that 26 million children in low-income families who would have received less than the full credit under the previous rules will now get the full, expanded credit.” [7/15/21]

CBS News: Child Tax Credit 2021: Here's how families say they'll use "basic income for kids"
“The parents of 60 million U.S. children on Thursday began receiving monthly checks through the expanded federal Child Tax Credit, a historic relief measure geared toward families of modest means. The money is sorely needed given the ongoing financial stresses from the pandemic, some parents told CBS MoneyWatch. The IRS said it sent out $15 billion in CTC checks on Thursday, with almost 9 of 10 of the payments directly deposited in recipients' bank accounts.” [7/16/21]

Vox: Child tax credit payments are going out. Here’s how to get yours.
“Eligible families who selected to receive monthly payments will begin getting child tax credits Thursday due to a law Democrats passed in Marchthe expanded child tax credit was passed into law as part of the American Rescue Plan. All told, the households of more than 65 million American children can expect to receive some of the American Rescue Plan’s $110 billion.” [7/15/21]

Reuters: Biden sees U.S. child tax credit as 'giant step' to counter poverty
“Under the Child Tax Credit program that was broadened under Biden's COVID-19 stimulus, eligible families collect an initial monthly payment of up to $300 for each child under six years old and up to $250 for each older child… The Democrat-backed $1.9 trillion COVID-19 legislation known as the American Rescue Plan enacted in March increased how much is paid to families under the program.” [7/15/21]

NewsNation Now: Child tax credit payments hit bank accounts, Biden touts it as a ‘middle-class tax cut’
The Child Tax Credit is being likened to a universal basic income for children, though it has income limits. Some 15 million households will now receive full credit. The monthly payments amount to $300 for each child who is 5 and younger and $250 for those between 5 and 17.” [7/15/21]

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