Leader's Report
For Immediate Release: 
November 22, 2019
Contact Info: 
Mariel Saez 202-225-3130

This week, the House Intelligence Committee held several hearings in the impeachment inquiry, and the American people heard directly from non-partisan civil servants as well as individuals appointed by President Trump about how he directed a scheme to bribe Ukraine to investigate a political rival. A key witness, Ambassador Sondland, confirmed there was a quid pro quo and everybody involved knew. Witnesses also set the record straight when it came to conspiracy theories that Republicans have been repeating, including that Ukraine interfered in the 2018 election. In light of the testimony heard this week, I urge my Republican colleagues to stop ignoring the evidence and defend our democracy, the Constitution, and the rule of law. We will continue to pursue this inquiry with the seriousness and solemnity that the American people deserve.
On the Floor, the House passed a continuing resolution to fund the government through December 20. We were forced to pass another short-term funding bill because of the Senate’s failure to complete their work on time. I am urging the Senate to work with the House and use this additional time to move appropriations bills that are in line with the bipartisan budget caps agreement. Funding the government is the basic responsibility of the Congress of the United States, and we must provide the American people with certainty their government will be responsibly funded. Kicking the can down the road with another continuing resolution is simply unacceptable.
When the House returns in December, Democrats will continue to work hard for the American people. In addition to funding the government before the end of the year, I look forward to bringing H.R. 3, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, to the Floor for a vote to bring down the cost of prescription drugs. I also hope to bring the Voting Rights Advancement Act to the Floor, which will restore the Voting Rights Act and address voter suppression. We are also working hard to get to yes on the USMCA and deliver an improved trade deal for American workers. We will continue to get things done for the American people and urge Senator McConnell to take up all of the House-passed bills that are currently languishing in the Senate legislative graveyard, such as legislation to protect and expand access to affordable health coverage, raise the minimum wage, ensure equal pay, expand background checks, act on climate change, and more.

Sincerely yours,
Steny H. Hoyer
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