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February 7, 2020
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This week, the American people heard from the President in his State of the Union address. I was deeply disappointed he was so divisive in his speech, repeatedly misled the public, and attempted to distract from how his policies have failed working families. He took credit for the strong economy he inherited, but did not create, and he did not acknowledge that his economic policies have benefited the wealthiest Americans while leaving the middle class behind. He said he would protect Americans with pre-existing conditions, but is simultaneously pursuing a lawsuit to strike down the Affordable Care Act’s protections for those with pre-existing conditions and the law in its entirety.  I was also discouraged that he said we need to lower drug prices and rebuild our nation’s infrastructure — priorities we share and are working to address — but refuses to work on a bipartisan basis to do so. The address was a missed opportunity to reach across the aisle and demonstrate to the American people how he plans to deliver on any of their priorities.

On the Floor this week, House Democrats continued to legislate and get things done for the people. We passed the PRO Act to protect the right to organize and bargain collectively because we know that when we have strong unions, workers end up with higher wages, better health care and retirement benefits, and safer workplaces. We also passed a resolution disapproving of the President’s proposed cuts to Medicaid services through his new illegal block-grant scheme, which is another attempt to reduce access to affordable health care, including access to prescription drugs. Additionally, we took action to provide funding for disaster recovery efforts in Puerto Rico as the island recovers from recent earthquakes. House Democrats are continuing to get our work done and are urging Senate Republicans to take up House-passed legislation pending in the Senate.

Lastly, Senators had a responsibility to honor their oath to do “impartial justice” in the President’s impeachment trial this week. It was deeply saddening for our country that so many Republicans believed the President abused the power of his office, but did not have to courage to stand up to him or their party. Without hearing witnesses or subpoenaing key documents, this could not be called a trial, and, therefore, the President has not been exonerated, despite his claims.  History will remember those who put their oath to country and the Constitution first, particularly Senator Mitt Romney, and House Democrats will continue to work to defend our democracy in the months ahead, including ensuring proper oversight into this Administration.   

Sincerely yours,
Steny H. Hoyer
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