Leader's Report ● Congress
For Immediate Release: 
June 10, 2016


This week, Speaker Paul Ryan and House Republicans unveiled the first two planks of their “A Better Way” agenda, addressing poverty and national security. Unfortunately, their agenda isn’t really new at all—in fact, it just repackages the same failed policies Republicans have put forward in the past, taking our nation the “wrong way. Rather than work with Democrats to reduce poverty or make our nation more secure, House Republicans are simply offering more of the same partisan ideas that won’t help Americans escape poverty or keep Americans safe.

I was also disappointed that Speaker Ryan announced this week that he is shutting down the open and transparent process he promised when he took the Speaker’s gavel in October. After considering only two funding bills, House Republican leaders are now changing the rules to avoid tough issues after their Members voted down their Energy and Water appropriations bill because it banned discrimination against LGBT Americans. Instead of having to vote again on this issue and show the American people where they stand, Speaker Ryan is shutting down the process.

Finally, I am pleased that the House passed bipartisan legislation this week to address the debt crisis in Puerto Rico. While the bill is not perfect, it is a compromise that will enable the Commonwealth to restructure its debt and prevent collapse. I join in thanking both Democratic and Republican leaders for their efforts to reach this compromise and protect the 3.5 million Americans living in Puerto Rico.

Sincerely yours,

Steny H. Hoyer

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