Statement ● Immigration
For Immediate Release: 
June 22, 2018
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Mariel Saez 202-225-3130
WASHINGTON, DC - House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) engaged in a colloquy on the House Floor today with Majority Leader McCarthy and called on House Republican leaders to allow a vote on the bipartisan USA Act after Republicans failed to pass their two anti-immigrant bills on the Floor this week. Below is a link to the video and excerpts of the remarks:

Click here to watch the full remarks.

“The question is: he refuses to put on the Floor a bipartisan bill, to give the House even the opportunity to consider a bill that is supported by 240 Members of this House. And frankly, my perception, and I’m not bad at counting, Mr. Speaker, which is why I’m standing at this podium and why the Majority Leader is at his podium. We understand counting. I dare him, Mr. Speaker, I dare him to put the Hurd-Aguilar [USA Act] on the Floor, and I guarantee him it will get 240 votes.

“The People's House will be allowed to speak. But they're afraid to do that, Mr. Speaker. And all this stuff about, ‘we had meetings in his office.’ We had meetings in his office, and he knew from the start that the two things they were asking for were nonstarters. And, very frankly, I’ve had discussions with the Secretary [of Homeland Security] who said, ‘well, we'll just stick with border security and DACA.’

“But that's all in the past. What we're talking about is today. And what [Republican leadership] did was shut down the people who wanted to vote on their option, on our option, and on two other options. In this, the most transparent House, that would take issues one by one and would face the tough issues head on. While people are twisting in the wind and while children are being separated from their parents, ripped from the arms of their moms and their dads, we fiddle while Rome is burning.

“The issue is: what are we going to do to solve a problem the President of the United States said we ought to solve? Now the President of the United States, of course, this morning says no, forget it. Don't deal with it. His tweet at 7:06 a.m. this morning: ‘Republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration until we elect more Senators and Congressmen and women in November.’

“In other words: until we take over. This President who said, well, you know, I met with Kim Jong Un. He's loved by his people, and, boy, when he says ‘stand up,’ his people stand up. Perhaps that's what he wants us to do, Mr. Speaker. But we're not North Korea. We're a democracy and, very frankly, they don't have the courage, Mr. Speaker, to bring bills to the Floor and allow this House to work its will.

“What they do is they negotiate with themselves and bring bills to the Floor, neither of which would have passed yesterday. After all their compromise, after all their talk, after all their commitments to solve the problem, neither one of their bills would have passed yesterday. They have 240-plus Members. They have 240-plus Members. They don't need us, but they took the bill off the Floor because they couldn't get their own party to come to agreement.”