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October 22, 2021
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WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) joined CNBC’s “Squawk Box” this morning to discuss progress on the Build Back Better Agenda as well as Republicans’ irresponsibility on the debt limit. Below are excerpts from his interview and a link to the video:
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On Democrats’ Commitment to the Build Back Better Agenda

“Well, there is a lot at play, but the President very much wants to get this done, and the Speaker and the Majority Leader, and all of us want to get this done ASAP, which means, we'd like to get a framework at the end of, frankly, today, but no later than the end of the weekend. The President has been working around the clock, talking to all the Members who are intimately involved, and whose votes we need, and you've heard him – I think, the latest, talking about the latest, the latest was last night when the President said he thinks we’re gonna get a deal done. He thinks we will move forward, he thinks we will pay for it, I think that's certainly our objective and that’s our intent. Hopefully, we'll get there.”
“I think what is going to happen is, that I personally am in the camp of: do fewer things and do them well, make sure they work effectively. I think that’s good policy and I also have to say, good politics, but I think there are obviously a lot of people involved. There are a lot of interests and priorities of different people, so we may have a broader expanse that that. That has not yet been decided. You are right, the money will depend upon what you can and cannot do.”
“[M]y point is at the beginning, most people want to take advantage of automatic options that are available under the tax system, very smart people figure out how you can have a lot of income but don't pay any taxes. And that's what the President was saying last night is, therefore, some people don't pay their fair share. They get a heck of a value out of road, bridges, law enforcement, national security, defense operations, the fact that the sea lanes are opened to trade. In other words, they're getting a great advantage out of what government does, without paying any of the freight, that's not fair. It's unfair about those taxes— [Warren] Buffet is saying, look, I pay a lower rate than my secretary, that's not fair.”
“[Y]ou’ve got a lot of people who understandably want to minimize their tax obligation either as a corporation, in which you share a fiduciary responsibility they owe to their investors or, individuals, which all of us want to pay no more than we have to pay or should pay. Without getting into the specifics of how do you do that, clearly, the President and I think the American people, believe that everybody ought to pay their fair share to operate the government services that are absolutely essential so our economy can operate and our country can be safe and secure.”
“[A]ll of these [tax] options have been options for a long period of time, they were not new options. They were worked on, the committee has looked at these options. I personally believe it begins with raising the corporate rate. It is simple, straight forward, most of the corporate leaders are comfortable with that… We want to make sure, as I said, children are safe and secure, that parents have a place to have their children during the time that they're working. We need them, a lot of those parents, in the work force. Employers are looking for people, they need the skills that they bring, but one of the impediments to doing that is good child care and safe child care, so we want to get that done. We think that will help the economy. We also want to make sure these kids are educated, and whether they can afford to go to school or not, if they have the intellect and willingness to make themselves more productive citizens, then we want them do that, we want them to have that opportunity. We want to invest in children and families, we also want to invest in the health care of our country, and we want to invest in what, on the front page of the Washington Post, it says six countries are in dire straits and the national security apparatus in the United States of America says, it’s climate.”
On Republicans’ Irresponsibility on Addressing the Debt Limit

“Nobody controls the United States Senate. When you say [Democrats] control all of Washington, that's simply not true, you know that's not true, or the debt limit wouldn't be in question. We have an irresponsible party on the other side that won’t even make sure the United States of America doesn't welch on its debts, which is incomprehensible. The Minority Leader of the United States Senate says that option is absolutely unacceptable and he will not lift a finger to make it happen. So don't pretend that we're in control of everything. We do have the majority because of one in the United States Senate, but that doesn't set policy in the United States, unfortunately. We ought to get rid of the filibuster, but we haven't done that yet, so the majority does not rule...”