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June 9, 2022
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Raymond Rodriguez 202-225-3130
WASHINGTON, DC – This morning, House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) joined Jim Sciutto on CNN Newsroom to discuss Republicans’ obstruction of legislation to prevent gun violence and tonight’s public hearing from the January 6th Committee. Below are excerpts from his interview and a link to the video:
Click here to watch the full interview.

On Congressional Democrats’ Work to Address Gun Violence

We know what’s in [the House’s] package – we had six different provisions in a bill that passed yesterday with bipartisan support that we sent to the Senate. What I hope is that Senator Murphy is correct and that the Senate can obtain ten Republican votes to overcome a threatened filibuster, for provisions that, while will not go as far as I’m sure I would go, I voted to eliminate assault weapons in 1994 and I was against not reauthorizing that in 2004, when the Republicans decided to jettison that. I think the American people thought that was common sense. They think that common sense is also the bills we sent to the Senate that they have not been able to get ten [Republican Senators] for. Background checks. Make sure there's time to figure out if somebody has a mental health problem or has a criminal background or is a terrorist. I thought those were common sense. I am hopeful that Senator Murphy is right. We have moved ahead and think we moved ahead on provisions that the American people overwhelmingly support because they make the kids safer, the families safer, the homes, schools, restaurants, grocery stores safer. Will they eliminate what happens in America? Unfortunately, it will not. But, will it make it safer? I think they will.”

“…No other country in the world has the gun violence that America has and what we – when you ask me, I don't know what the Republicans will be for. I say facetiously NRA stands for “No Republican Action.” … What we propose in the House, you say they're message bills, they're not message bills. The message is, the Democratic party is responding to the will of the American people. They think these are reasonably, important things to do to make their kids safer, their families safer, and the communities safer. They're not message bills. They're substantive bills which will make a difference in the safety of our country.”

On the January 6th Committee’s Public Hearing

You had the overwhelming majority of Republicans vote against setting up a [bipartisan] commission [to investigate January 6], that was a fair commission, in the United States Senate, across the board equal number of Republicans and Democrats to find the facts and provide remedies. They voted against that. I don't know if that's the answer. Let me tell you who the jury is. The jury is the American people The jury is now going to get the facts. They're going to get testimony. They're going to be able to see for themselves witnesses who say this is what happened. They're going to see the facts that the President invited people to Washington. He then spent time inciting those same people, and then he deployed those people to come to the Congress of the United States, to the capital of the free world, if you will, to the symbol of democracy and undermine the election of a President of the United States. That's called treason. That’s called insurrection.”

On Ongoing Reconciliation Negotiations

“I don't know the specifics of what will survive because that will be up to [Senator] Joe Manchin and the Democrats in the Senate. Hopefully, we will have a number of the pieces survive because they are all good pieces from my perspective. Therefore, I said whatever the Senate sends back to us on reconciliation, I will urge the members of the House to pass. Whatever it is, it will be positive for American families, American jobs, American businesses and for our climate, the existential threat of our age. I am optimistic. I hope they will pass something and look forward to dealing with it and sending it to the President.”