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June 9, 2022
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WASHINGTON, DC – This morning, House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) joined MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to discuss House Democrats’ work to address the gun violence epidemic and the January 6th Committee’s public hearing. Below are excerpts from his interview and a link to the video:
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On House Democrats’ Actions to Address Gun Violence

“You know, you're right, Mika. Extraordinarily hard to think of how we could reach common ground when we have the overwhelming number of the American people, I mean, the percentage is 75, 80, 90% of people saying ‘that makes sense to make our community safer.’ Frankly the bill that we did yesterday that had six – we believe commonsense – issues overwhelmingly supported by the public, didn't go as far as I would go … Some of the things that we did yesterday, like eliminating the bump stocks, [President] Trump had an Executive Order on. So it is very hard to see that when we can't even get consensus on something that [President] Trump thought was necessary and appropriate to do, how we're going to get agreement. We did have thirteen Republicans vote on one of the parts of the seven-part bill. We had a bipartisan bill that did in fact pass with a number of Republican votes and is now being sent to the Senate. But we sent background checks [legislation] supported by 85% of the people, who said ‘yes, it makes sense to make our communities safer to have everybody have a background check so that terrorists don't get guns, people who have committed gun crimes who propose a threat don't get guns.’ … We are unique in the world in confronting this problem ... Unique in the world. No other country in the world. Despotic country, democratic country, small country, big country, none of them have the problem we have in America and we ought to be able to deal with it. And all six of these propositions [in the Protecting Our Kids Act are], commonsense, not radical, no harm to the Second Amendment, no harm to a person having a gun in their home or business to protect themselves or rifle to go hunting. None of these propositions adversely affect those rights.”
I pray for [a move towards sensible public safety laws]. I said something yesterday that I think is absolutely true. You know, we have a moment of silence and we have prayer. We pray for the victims and we pray that this stops. And I pointed out that Kennedy said, you know, ‘God's work on earth must truly be our own’. And what he meant by that is that, we must be the instruments of the answering of those prayers and making communities safer. I hope so, Joe, but I will tell you, I have never seen either the Congress or the country as polarized as I’ve seen it over the last few years. It is sad. And when you can't come to an agreement on commonsense [measures] – we'll raise the age to 21, we'll eliminate bump stocks, we'll make sure we don't have trafficking and guns in our communities, on elements like that, or the background checks, the universal background checks or say, look, we need to wait so we can find out whether this person has got a mental health problem or a criminal or terrorist or has abused his partner or her partner. Those are commonsense things the American public says, of course we ought to be doing that, but we can't get the votes [from Republicans]. It's very frustrating, Joe. You wonder where we're going.”
“To add to Joe's question, when you see these happening on a daily basis, it used to be a weekly or monthly or a number of times a year, but now it's almost on a daily basis that we have these mass shootings, these mass assaults on our communities
, and almost every venue in our communities. You would think that that would galvanize the public to demand action by Democrats and Republicans.”
On Tonight’s January 6th Committee Hearing

“I don't have any doubt that President Trump was responsible for what happened that day. I don't have any doubts that there was a conspiracy. It was not just a happenstance event, but that there was a planning that went into it
and with an intent to ‘Stop the Steal’, as they called it. I call it ‘Stop the Operations of our Constitutional duties to Count the Votes for President of the United States and elect a President of the United States’. So, I don't have any doubts of that. And, by the way, [Rep.] Liz Cheney has no doubts about that at all. Liz Cheney and I, in voting, probably have a voting record that's pretty far apart, but we both agree on that facts and truth ought to make a difference in a democracy. It ought to inform voters of what people they want to support and what policies they want to see pursued. And that's what this Commission is getting at. That's what I think these hearings are going to reflect to the American people. What happened, what's the truth, what's the facts, why did it happen, who participated. And I hope the American people take away from these hearings a sense they need to protect our democracy and our Constitution by not allowing this kind of thing to happen ever again.”