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October 16, 2022
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Raymond Rodriguez 202-225-3130
WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) joined Pamela Brown on “CNN Newsroom” this evening to discuss the Select Committee on the January 6th Attack on the Capitol’s recent hearing and House Democrats’ record ahead of the midterm elections. Below are excerpts from the interview and a link to the video:
Click here for a link to the video. 

On the Select Committee on the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol's Work

“[January 6th was] an incident that never had occurred in U.S. history, an insurrection by our own citizens… Sadly on January 6th we had the enemy within, and even more sadly it was clear that the President of the United States and the Department of Defense were not acting in a way that one would expect, when an attack was made on the Capitol of the United States, trying to undermine our Constitutional responsibility of the counting the votes for President of the United States through the Electoral College. So [I felt] a lot of anger, a lot of shock, a lot of frustration…”

“Of course over 60 courts had decided there was no steal, there was no fraud that affected the outcome of the election, and [President Trump] told them, instructed them to fight like hell, which is exactly what they did… Many, many, over 100 police officers were injured… As you saw in the video, we were all very committed to going back that day, that night and finishing our business. A terrible day for America.”

On House Democrats’ Work For The People

“We've acted on both of those issues and we want to we understand that inflation is really hurting our people. Now, inflation is worse in many other countries but that does not make it better here. People are very concerned rightfully so and we've acted. We acted in the [American Rescue Plan] to make sure that the pandemic's assault on our people, that they had the resources to meet it, the resources to pay their bills, in the two other bills that we passed after that, the infrastructure bill, trying to get at supply lines because we know that lack of supplies is one of the reasons costs has gone up. Unfortunately, we had few Republicans voting for that and for the [American Rescue Plan] we had no Republicans. Then we passed an Inflation Reduction Act and [the CHIPS and Science Act]. The Inflation Reduction Act directly is bringing costs down for health care, prescription drugs for seniors and others, and that is one of the major costs of many Americans… I think the American people is going to look at what the Democrats have done in terms of legislation that -- not that we promised, but that in fact, has been signed into law and is helping them, and helping our economy grow jobs, lowering costs, making sure the better-paying jobs and long-term security for our people and safe communities. I think that's what they're concerned about. We’ve acted on that and we're going to expand upon that, and I think we're going to win the majority because of that.”
“So I think – I think things – as the American people analyzed and they analyzed also the rationalization of what happened on January 6th when they saw the violence in these hearings. They've seen police killed. They saw over 100 policemen injured by violent insurrectionists on Capitol Hill, which the Republican National Committee called ‘legitimate political discourse.’ I think the American people are going to reject that kind of thinking and that kind of rationalization and they're going to vote to keep the Congress Democratic.”