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October 13, 2020
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Annaliese Davis 202-225-3130
WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) joined MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today to discuss the urgent need for additional coronavirus relief to help American families struggling because of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are excerpts of his remarks:
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“[President Trump] is erratic, he’s impulsive. You don’t know what he believes from time to time and he sends mixed messages. And as I understand it from [Senator] McConnell, he's got at least half of his Caucus who don't want to do anything. Sort of like McConnell's response to our May 15th bill where he said ‘let the states goes bankrupt’. It's very difficult to negotiate and stay on target. [Secretary] Mnuchin could do that – [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi and Secretary Mnuchin reached four major deals dealing with COVID-19, and the economic consequences of COVID-19, and the health consequences. Four major deals passed overwhelmingly on a bipartisan basis. And then, frankly, McConnell and [Kevin] McCarthy, the [Minority] Leader in the House, walked away and said let's wait and see what happens. Well, we’ve seen what happens: we now have over 215,000 people who have died. Seven-and-a-half, approaching eight million who have gotten sick. We need to act now.”
“Pelosi and Mnuchin made four major deals. We ought to be able to make a fifth if the President would stay on target and have a single message. ‘We're not going to negotiate, we'll negotiate on just three things, and oh by the way now I'll negotiate, and oh by the way we ought to spend more money than the Democrats have proposed.’ Money I don't think is the issue. What is the issue is children, and families, and restaurants, states and local governments, all of which are absolutely critical if we're going to keep our economy moving and confront effectively this virus. In addition to that, we can't come to an agreement on testing when all the experts say, all of them, testing is absolutely critically important to defeating COVID-19.”
“We’re talking about, for instance, earned income tax credit. That’s for families who are working but don’t make enough money. We're talking about child care. We know if we want kids back in school, which we need to do, we need to spend money on education. We need to give the local education offices enough resources to make the schools safe or, in addition, to make sure that they can provide virtual learning opportunities for their kids. So these are vital items and yes, we want to do - we've agreed on the airlines. We've agreed on, he wants to make family payments. We've agreed on unemployment insurance. We have $600, he's up to $400, I believe, but we could make that deal. But we cannot leave people behind that are in desperate need. For instance, nutritional help. We know these food lines with families who never, ever in their lifetime expected to be in a food line can't put food on their tables. We need to deal with that in a robust way and every economist says that. Chairman Powell of the Federal Reserve said just the other day that, frankly, the $3.4 trillion, he thought would be important to do, and he is saying doing $2.2 [trillion] is also important to do. So I think the President is prepared to come to the money. He needs to come to make sure we can take care of the states, whether they are blue or red states, who hire teachers, who hire police, who hire firefighters, who hire sanitation workers, and other critical workers in our society to make our society work and, yes, to make it healthy and be able to defeat this COVID virus.”
“We ought to get this done. And we need to take care of, for instance, the airlines. We all agreed on that, it’s not in disagreement. But we ought to take care of testing, we ought to take care of children and families, we ought to take care of states and locals. And if we leave those behind and just do [a] partial [response], well, it may be from the President's standpoint, good that he signs a check giving money to people from him politically, but an awful lot of people are going to be left behind and the economy will not be sustained and health care will not be put forward as a top priority.... While thousands of people are dying on a daily basis, the Supreme Court of the United States is the most important objective of the Republicans and McConnell has said that. That's a shame.”