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December 17, 2019
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Mariel Saez 202-225-3130
WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) spoke on the House Floor today in support of two appropriations minibus bills, which passed the House this afternoon. Below are excerpts of his remarks and a link to the video. 
Click here to watch the video.
“I rise in strong support of this legislation, of both of these packages, which will fund all twelve [appropriations] bills before the end of the calendar year…”  

“This will provide our country with certainty needed to carry out their work, serving the American people, and continue making long-term investments in our national security, public health, public safety and economic growth. Indeed, Appropriation Committee members and staff worked hard to produce appropriations bills that the House passed in June, when we passed bills to fund 96 percent of the government by June 26 of this year. Sadly, the Republican Senate, as I’ve said, and the Trump White House failed to do their jobs for months, necessitating two short-term delays that brought unnecessary uncertainty.”

“…Nobody… believes this is a perfect bill. But it is a work product worthy of the Appropriations Committee and the House of Representatives and of our country. It makes compromises, which is absolutely essential.”

“…But, it achieves key priorities and will avert a damaging government shutdown and give certainty to agencies, as they move forward in the next nine months of the fiscal year, as to what resources they're going to have available to get their job done.”

“Specifically, this bill increases funding for Head Start, National Institutes of Health, and initiatives to promote clean energy and a healthier environment – important victories for those items and the working Americans we are fighting to protect every day. This bill includes funds to secure our elections against foreign interference and provides funding to study the effects of gun violence in our communities. It raises civilian – [Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Kay] Granger mentioned it raises the military [pay] –  but it also raises the civilians’ [pay], on parity [with the military], a policy that we pursued for many, many, many years. It's good for our staff, it's good for the federal employees, and it makes us competitive and the ability to retain people that we need.”

“…Let's send a resounding message of support to make it clear that this is the bipartisan path forward to avoid a shutdown and do our jobs for the American people. Again, I congratulate the Chair, I congratulate the Ranking Member… and I join them in asking every Member to vote for these bills. It is our job, it is our responsibility, it is our duty.”