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November 19, 2019
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Mariel Saez 202-225-3130
WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) spoke on the House Floor today on the continuing resolution to fund government through December 20. Below are excerpts of his remarks and a link to the video:

Click here to watch the video.
“I want to thank [House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita] Lowey and [Ranking Member Kay] Granger for their leadership on this committee. I want them to know that I appreciate their commitment to doing the appropriations process the way we are supposed to do it. But this is a day that is a recognition of failure, a failure to do our work... This is an admission of failure. It's a recognition of failure. It's a recognition that the Senate did not do its job. It's a recognition that the White House would not cooperate in getting to 302(b) allocations.”
“There is no reason in God's green earth we cannot do the appropriations bills in a way that they ought to be done, except we lack the will to compromise. We lack the will to work together. We lack the will to do the American people's business on time, rationally, and without creating a sense that this institution cannot and does not work. I hope we use these days that are left between today and December 20 in a productive, effective way so that the appropriations process can be concluded on December 20 or before.”
“I hope in the days to come that we will are all have such a sense of urgency that we owe it to the country, to our people, and to this institution to show the American people we can make it work. Let's do it.”