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April 10, 2018
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Mariel Saez 202-225-3130
WASHINGTON, DC – Last week, House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-MD) led House Democrats on the third Make It In America listening tour, which traveled to the Upper Midwest to hear directly from Americans about economic challenges and opportunities in their communities. Hosting Whip Hoyer at events in their districts were Rep. Mark Pocan (WI-02) in Madison, Wisconsin, and Rep. Ron Kind (WI-03) in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Click here to view photos from the tour and here to view the Twitter moment.

In Madison, Rep. Pocan hosted a roundtable on entrepreneurship and a tour of two innovative businesses that are creating jobs in the community. In Eau Claire, Rep. Kind hosted a discussion with community leaders at the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce; a tour of a manufacturer, Culimeta-Saveguard; and a roundtable on education with college students at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. 

At the entrepreneurship roundtable in Madison, entrepreneursand small business owners talked about encouraging investment in the Heartland so that more diverse areas have access to capital; the gap in funding small businesses face after starting up and developing a technology but before becoming viable; and the need for skilled workers and for continuing education to keep up with changing technology. In Eau Claire, community leaders discussed the need for skilled workers and the importance of strong infrastructure to the community. College students who joined the education roundtable raised concerns over student debt, the need for more information about options other than four-year universities, and the challenges that unpaid internships pose for low-income students.

“I was pleased to travel to Wisconsin on the third Make It In America Listening Tour to hear from Americans in the Upper Midwest about the economic challenges and opportunities they see in their communities,” said Whip Hoyer. “These conversations will help House Democrats develop an economic plan that directly responds to what Americans believe the government should be doing to ensure they have access to economic opportunities and gives them a better deal. I want to thank Congressman Pocan and Congressman Kind for hosting this listening tour.”

“Thank you to Whip Hoyer for coming to Madison for his ‘Make It In America’ tour where we heard directly from some of our region’s leading business and community leaders. During last week’s visit, Whip Hoyer and I met with a number of companies that are employing cutting edge technology to ensure that Wisconsin and the U.S. can stay competitive in a 21st Century economy,” said Congressman Pocan. “I’m committed to fighting for investments and policies that will help our local economy succeed and I’m grateful for Whip Hoyer for ensuring that Wisconsin is part of the discussion.”

“I was pleased to have Whip Hoyer join me on his Make It In America Listening Tour to discuss creating meaningful, good-paying jobs here in Wisconsin,” said Congressman Kind.“Working on policies that level the playing field for our manufacturers and small business owners is critical to helping grow our local economy.”

House Democrats’ Make It In America plan was first launched in 2010 and has been updated each Congress to reflect new economic challenges and new opportunities. The 2015 series of hearings called “Make It In America: What’s Next?” saw dozens of Members and outside experts testify about how to adapt the plan in light of a changing economy. It identified three core areas where Congress can make a difference: infrastructure, entrepreneurship, and closing the skills gap. Over the coming months, Whip Hoyer will bring the Make It In America Listening Tour across the country so that Americans can see that House Democrats are listening to their concerns, learning from their experiences, and responding to the challenges they face.

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