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November 7, 2022
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Raymond Rodriguez 202-225-3130
Wanted to be sure you saw this op-ed by House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) published in FOX News this morning about House Democrats' work to put People Over Politics and deliver For The People throughout the 117th Congress. To read the op-ed, click here or see below:


Democrats Delivered For The American People

By House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer

November 8, 2022

In 2018 and 2020, voters entrusted Democrats with the House Majority because we made a commitment to deliver For The People. We pledged to meet Americans where they are, to understand the issues that they face, and to equip them with the tools and opportunities they need to get ahead. Through a deadly pandemic, a war in Ukraine, and a period of unprecedented economic upheaval, Democrats kept that promise. We built consensus and took action to respond to our nation’s challenges – and we did so with a margin of only four votes.
Our Democratic House Majority delivered results on behalf of the American people throughout the 117th Congress. When COVID-19 tore through our country, we enacted the American Rescue Plan to keep workers on payroll, put money directly in Americans’ pockets, and kickstart the fastest economic recovery our nation has ever seen. Similarly, House Democrats refused to sit back and watch as global inflation hurt Americans and as increasingly fierce storms and wildfires threatened our communities. 

That’s why we secured the Inflation Reduction Act. We lowered Americans’ health care expenses. We capped the monthly cost of insulin at $35 for seniors on Medicare and reduced the price of their prescription drugs. We brought down energy costs for the American people by making the largest investment any country has made in history to combat the climate crisis. This legislation accomplished all of that while still slashing our deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars. Not a single Republican voted for it. Instead, they continue to root for a recession without presenting any plan to prevent one and fail even to acknowledge the climate crisis. The American people deserve a Congress that strives to strengthen their economy – not one that holds American credit hostage to attack Social Security and Medicare, as House Republicans have announced they plan to do.
Nevertheless, House Democrats worked across the aisle wherever possible. From expanding health care for millions of toxic-exposed veterans to securing greater funding for local police departments and public safety, we convinced some Republicans to join us in implementing commonsense solutions to Americans’ problems. Even our historic investments to revitalize American infrastructure and manufacturing – legislation that had the overwhelming support of the business, science, and labor communities – received a handful of Republican votes. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the CHIPS and Science Act will create millions of high-paying jobs and set up American workers and businesses to thrive in the twenty-first century, ensuring that our country continues to outcompete China for generations. This progress was only possible because Democrats put People Over Politics.
Tuesday, we will start to learn the results of the 2022 midterm elections. Over the past two years, voters watched Democrats cultivate bipartisan consensus but saw Republicans rationalize and even encourage political violence. They prefer that their leaders protect – not attack – their freedom to make their own health decisions, marry whom they please, enjoy a well-earned retirement, and participate fairly in our democracy. 

Ultimately, Americans want their government to continue putting people over politics. That’s why I am optimistic that they will keep Democrats in the House Majority next Congress.