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July 30, 2021
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Margaret Mulkerrin 202-225-3130
WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) joined members of House Democratic Leadership this morning for a press conference on House Democrats’ achievements for the American people during the 117th Congress so far, and highlighted in particular the impact of the American Rescue Plan and the Child Tax Credit. Below is a transcript of his remarks.
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“The Speaker said it – the last time the economy grew at this pace, and it was so good, Ronald Reagan said it was ‘good morning in America.’ What an extraordinary first seven months we’ve had in the Congress of the United States.  We infamously started out with a tragedy for our democracy, and yesterday we dealt with that, in a bipartisan way.

“House Democrats have gotten an extraordinary amount of work done this Congress on behalf of the American people, and one of the most important things we’ve done is enacting the American Rescue Plan. We reached out and lifted up millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of Americans – and the economy shows that. Economic numbers show the impact of this law is having substantial, positive effect, with the economy growing at its fastest pace in four decades.

“That law directed resources to speed up vaccinations allowing for the safe reopening of businesses and schools, returning millions to work. Nearly 70% of the adults in our country are now at least partially vaccinated -- we need more, much more, we need everybody to become vaccinated – but we provided for quick access, and universal access, now everybody needs to take advantage of that. Nearly half of our total population is fully protected, but we see today that is not enough and the President is urging and we are urging more. Unfortunately some of our colleagues, for too long, said it really wasn’t necessary. More than 300 million vaccinations have taken place since President Biden took office. That is a success, and one we need to keep building on as we work to get every American vaccinated.

“The law also provided another round of direct payments that have helped keep families afloat, with 171 million direct payments going out the door – lifting, not only those 171 million people – but our economy.

“The American Rescue Plan also launched the expanded middle class tax cut we call also the Child Tax [Credit], to make sure children can Make it in America, and are lifted up in America. As a result of that action, 39 million American families received their first monthly payments in July of $300 for each child under six, and $250 for each child from six to seventeen.

“With a lump sum payment of the balance when they file taxes next year, that will mean $3,600 for each child under six and $3,000 for children ages six through seventeen in 2021. That is prioritizing children in America.

“This middle class tax cut is having a real impact on families, helping them afford every day expenses – and to purchase goods, which helps the economy. Across the country, more than 4 million children will be lifted out of poverty by this expanded Child Tax payment to families, and it is projected to cut the child poverty rate by as much as half. That’s God’s work, it’s the people’s work.

“The American Rescue Plan, with the Child Tax Credit, is making a transformational investment in the lives of children and the families across America.

“I’m extraordinarily proud of what we have achieved – a lot of legislation that the American people were told we would do, has been done. It sits in the Senate and we hope it will be adopted, to the benefit of the American people. Now I want to introduce my good friend the Whip, who has been so critical to the success we’ve had in the House of Representatives on passing this historic legislation: Jim Clyburn of South Carolina.”