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October 24, 2019
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WASHINGTON, DC - House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) joined MSNBC’s Live with Stephanie Ruhle this morning to remember Chairman Elijah Cummings and discuss House Democrats’ legislative agenda and the impeachment inquiry. Below are excerpts from his remarks and a link to the video:
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On the Impeachment Inquiry

“…Republicans want to talk about process, which I say is like a lawyer who has neither the law nor the facts on their side. They want to pound on the table, and that’s what they're doing – pounding on the table… an attempt to distract. When I have asked [Minority Whip Steve] Scalise or other Republican leaders, ‘what do you think about the President asking a foreign leader to become involved in our elections?’, they never answer that question. They divert to some other comment about process...”

On House Democrats’ Progress For the People

“We're doing a lot, and we’ve done a lot in the first part of this year. First of all, the government was shut down, we opened it up… We then passed one of the most significant reform bills that’s been passed in years, H.R. 1, [the For The People Act]… We passed legislation to protect the ACA, and particularly, pre-existing conditions… Three committees have marked up [legislation] in the last few days [on] an issue that we think the President has, frankly, said he agrees with, and that is bringing drug prices down for our citizens. We are paying more than any other country in the world. We're addressing that, we're going to be considering that quite possibly the next work session. We have passed legislation on comprehensive gun control to make sure the violence in our communities is checked. Ninety percent of America agrees that we ought to have comprehensive background checks.”

“So we're continuing to work, and this week alone… we passed two major pieces of legislation. One [bill]… to know what foreigners are buying up our corporations, or our businesses, or our enterprises so that the public will know and the U.S. will know what is Russia buying up, what is China buy up. Number two, we passed legislation to protect our elections from foreign interference. Two major pieces of legislation. I hope the Senate takes them up.”

“…We're doing the people's work. We also passed a minimum wage bill to make sure the people who are working – who have not had a raise in ten years – don't have to be [living] in poverty, although they're working 40 hours a week. The Senate has not taken that bill up. So, we're doing a lot of substantive legislation. We're going to continue to do so, and I expect next month, we're going to take up the prescription drug bill. We’re going to deal with the Ex-Im Bank, which facilitates jobs being held here in America and selling those goods overseas. We're going to be dealing with flood insurance, very important… We're doing a lot of very substantive work while, at the same time, we're exercising our Constitutional responsibility to ensure that the laws of this nation are not being broken and that the power of the presidency is not being abused.”

On Chairman Cummings

“[He was] an extraordinary, decent, honest, passionate individual who cared about his democracy, cared about the people he represented, cared about Baltimore city and our state, but cared about our democracy… The reason he is being so honored is because across the aisle, across the nation, the decency of this man, the civility of this man, and the principles of this man are recognized, and it is important that we honor all of those traits and this wonderful man this day, and as you know, his funeral will be tomorrow in his beloved city of Baltimore.”