Press Release
For Immediate Release: 
June 1, 2021
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Margaret Mulkerrin 202-225-3130
WASHINGTON, DC - House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today on LGBTQ Pride Month: 

"As we celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month, I join in recognizing the many important contributions that LGBTQ Americans have made to our country.  Too often they were made by those living in hiding, fearing what might happen if their families, friends, neighbors, or colleagues knew the truth about who they were or whom they loved.  Today, thankfully, LGBTQ Americans can live more openly and proudly than ever before in our history.  But many barriers to full equality and acceptance remain - and discrimination and intolerance continue to make life difficult for LGBTQ people, particularly for transgender Americans.  That's why it is so critical that the Senate pass the Equality Act, which the House approved earlier this year.  That legislation would ban discrimination against LGBTQ Americans wherever it remains legal today - in housing, employment, finance, jury service, education, and so many other areas.  

"We must continue to make strides toward full equality.  It is time for our country to live up to its founding creed that all are created equal and ought to be able to build a life here in safety and with access to opportunities.  With President Biden in the White House, we now have national leadership that recognizes and respects LGBTQ people and their equal dignity.  House Democrats will continue to stand up for LGBTQ equality and work to make our laws reflect the equal dignity of every individual and every family."