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April 11, 2019
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Annaliese Davis 202-225-4131
WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today on the situation in Sudan:

“In the wake of the removal of Omar al-Bashir, it is crucial that the United States work to promote a peaceful transfer of power to the Sudanese people, who deserve self-determination and freedom. I urge the Trump Administration to work with our international partners to ensure that these developments in Khartoum do not lead to civil conflict, which could produce another humanitarian and refugee crisis in a region that has already seen so much of both. Having visited Sudan and what is now South Sudan in 2007, I will continue to advocate for democracy and human rights in East Africa and call for American leadership in promoting both in a region whose people deserve a better future based on security, stability, freedom, and opportunity.”