Issue Report ● Convening of the 116th Congress
For Immediate Release: 
March 6, 2019
This week, House Democrats are delivering on our promise to renew Americans’ faith in our democracy. Beginning today, the House will consider H.R. 1, the For The People Act, with a focus on expanding access to the ballot box, ensuring complete transparency and reasonable limits in campaign finance, and demanding accountability from public officials. Take a look at how this bill returns the U.S. to a government of, by, and For The People:

Ensures clean and fair elections and makes it easier for Americans to exercise their right to vote:
  • Creates automatic voter registration.
  • Expands early voting and targets policies that lead to disenfranchisement and limit voting hours.
  • Restores voting rights to citizens who have served felony sentences.
  • Provides financial support to improve election infrastructure and improves oversight by requiring a national strategy for protecting U.S. democratic institutions.
  • Prohibits voter rolls purges, a tactic used in Texas and Ohio to kick eligible voters off the voting rolls.
Reforms our campaign finance system, ensuring complete transparency and putting in place reasonable limits.
  • Expresses Congress’ intent to curb the use of shell companies and other illicit activities that allow foreign money to enter and undermine our democracy.
  • Bans foreign money, ensures disclosure of online political ads, requires all political organizations to disclose their large donors, and prohibits big-money contributors and special interests from hiding the true funding sources of their political spending.
  • Empowers citizens by establishing a matching system for small donations.  
  • Restructures the Federal Election Commission to have five commissioners in order to break gridlock, devotes resources to ensure campaign finance laws are enforced, and improves oversight of existing campaign finance laws.
Puts in place national redistricting reform.
  • Requires states to adopt independent redistricting commissions for purposes of drawing Congressional districts.
Demands accountability and guarantees public officials put the American people first.
  • Prohibits Members of Congress from serving on corporate boards and requires the online linking of Federal Election Commission reports and Lobbying Disclosure Act reports.
  • Prohibits Members of Congress from using taxpayer funds to settle any case of employment discrimination acts by the Members.
  • Requires presidents to disclose ten years of federal tax returns.
  • Strengthens the Office of Government Ethics.
  • Closes loopholes for lobbyists and foreign agents.
  • Addresses conflicts of interest in the Executive Branch.
  • Institutes a code of ethics for the Supreme Court.  
House Democrats are committed to restoring our democracy and returning it to the American people. After the House votes on the For The People Act this week, Senate Republicans ought to take up this legislation and send it to the President to restore Americans’ faith in government.

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