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Tax and Appropriations
Remember when Speaker Ryan believed Congress has a “moral — and legal — obligation to propose and pass budgets?” Oh how times have changed. Reports indicate that Republicans may not propose a budget for the coming fiscal year, which is just the latest indication that the GOP is unable to meet their basic responsibilities of governing. From Politico:
“Republican leaders are considering skipping passage of a GOP budget this year — a blow to the party’s weakened fiscal hawks.”

“White House and Hill GOP leaders discussed the possibility of forgoing the painful budget process during last weekend’s Camp David legislative summit, according to four sources familiar with the talks. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has argued that he cannot pass controversial deficit-reduction legislation using powerful budget procedures with his new 51-vote majority — and wasn’t even sure he could find the votes for a fiscal blueprint in the first place.”

Abandoning the budget, however, would be an embarrassment for Republicans, who for years railed against Democrats when they avoided one of the most basic responsibilities of Congress.”

It’s the latest sign of the decline of the party’s fiscal conservatives under Trump, who has shown little interest in cutting government spending and has begun to mold the party into his own image.”